Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Help me WWW, you're my only hope

If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to keep my identity anonymous on here. I'm not really sure if anyone reads this, so it probably matters very little, but from all I've read about blogging and the potential to be fired as a result, I speak very little about my job.

But? Today, I cannot be stopped...

The "transitions" happening in my office are incredibly frustrating. My boss and the chairman of our board can barely have a conversation with one another, and as a result, my boss spends all of her time bitching about him. They've not seen eye-to-eye in many years. My boss is also working on her PhD, which results in her doing little work when she's in the office. She is supposed to be an administrator, but couldn't lead a dehydrated dog to water. Since she is essentially absent from the knowledge that flows in and out of this office, I have ended up working with the chairman, who can't define what he wants...only what's wrong with what he's got.

I'm so tired of doing three people's jobs. They want me to redesign a database so as to report information more accurately, but yet, I cannot do that and continue to do the functions of the position I currently hold. Which, by the way, pays VERY little. There is no plan for reorganizing the office, only talk that it "needs to be done". DUH! How many times do we have to hear it before a course of action is defined?

I can only tell my boss what to do for so long. I can only listen to someone else bitch at me about a system I did not create for so long. And, I'm about at the end of my rope. I don't know where to turn. My boss has no spine, so if I go to her, it has to be with a plan in hand, so she can tell me she'll "see what she can do." I don't feel comfortable speaking directly with the chairman, given his and my boss' constant miscommunicado, even though I think he would be the best person to speak with.

I'm just so tired of the lack of planning going on here. It's been happening for over a year, and most of the crap I'm putting up with now could've been avoided if they knew what they were doing in the first place. It's just ridiculous.

I do my job, and several others, very well. I'm efficient, and quite overqualified for the position I now hold. The problem is, I like my job - without all the Transitions Headaches - so searching for another one, albeit a solution for me personally, really does not solve the problems this office is facing on a daily basis. I want this to work, and I want to help it work, but? I am only one lowly person on the totem pole, and am sinking quickly.

So, does anybody have any suggestions for me? Similar problems at your job? I need some help, or some really strong pain killers!


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Pathways and Beyond said...

I don't know if this is timely or not. Your a coward, you are afraid of being slapped down by two that don't deserve you as a worker. If you haven't already understood where I am coming from, sorry but this is something that you are allowing yourself to be drawn into. You shouldcall your immediate and your chairman for a counsel of war. Have them both in the same room and tell them what you seem able to tell the world and tell them to fix it or you will probably have to leave because of their inabilitiy to communicate and get things done. I have done it in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Yet, then again I am that confrontational type of person. Quit being a Wuse and do what you know you need to do.....ED

the Intuitive Woman said...

Thank you, Ed, for your insightful, albeit blunt, comments. I have met with my immediate and discussed these things with her. The Chairman has twice "put me in my place" with respect to having no voice on matters that are to be decided by the Board, regardless of what they know or don't know. He demands respect but does not reciprocate it. He has reported me to a high ranking official because I rationally questioned the criteria of a report, which is my primary function (reporting). Perhaps I am a coward for not feeling comfortable enough to attempt to reason with him, but he has been extremely unreasonable since we began this working relationship.

I am taking steps necessary to remove myself from this situation, but the question remains of what will become of this office when those who have been here and are in the know are no longer around. The "customers" we serve will be predominately affected, not the staff, not the Board, not the Chair, and they are the reason this program exists.