Monday, January 9, 2006

A woman's worth in India

In the title is a link to a story reporting on how fewer girls than boy babies are being born in India due to pre-birth sex selection. In a nutshell, aborting female fetuses is a wide-spread common occurrence in India because, according to a quote of an Indian maxim, "Grooming a girl is like watering a neighbor's garden." They cost the family money (via the dowry) when they marry and leave the family. This, of course, makes the male child much more valuable, since he'll be the one bringing his wife (and dowry) into the family.

Reported statistics:

Indian females born as a percentage of males born:
1981; 96.2%
1991; 94.5%
2001; 92.7%


What does this mean for the future of Indian women?
More men boinking any given woman.
More rapes.
Less children.
Continued acceptance of female infanticide.
Reduction of women to property.
Fewer educated females.
Silenced female voices, lives.

What are your thoughts?

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Pearl said...

More marriage out of caste or country and indifference to cross-lines loves.

More of the Muslim minority in India being able to justify the proper terms of having muliple wives for the overall social good.

More motive for immigration to marry desi women from England and America and the men either bringing them back to India or going overseas themselves.