Monday, February 20, 2006

Cell Phone Psycho Drivers (CPPD)

Is it me, or do people turn into oblivous idiots when driving their cars while talking on their cell?! I swear, everytime an idiot is in front of me, they are on their freakin' cell phone! It makes me want to shove that thing down their throat!! Is your conversation about what you did last night really so important it cannot wait until after you get off the road? Apparently, not. Even less important is:

*looking left/right to see who's coming from another direction
*signaling to those around you of your immediate turn
*knowing what lane you are in
*knowing what lane you should be in
*remembering that you are operating a moving vehicle

I could go on and on. Buy a headset already, at least then you appear to be paying attention!

C'mon people, is it just me, or should I be shoving a cell phone down YOUR throat?!


chronicler said...

Not.At.ALL! Most people cannot talk and drive at the same time. We have a game we play while driving. Phone no phone. Everytime you see someone doing something out fo the norm someone says phone! we have a 95% correct ratio at this point.

The saying "you can't chew gum and walk" has spawned a whole new group of people!

srp said...

People can eat and drive at the same time but not talk. I thought there was a study on this. I think they should be outlawed while driving. Mine is a hands free one in my van. If the hospital called it would ring twice and answer automatically and all you had to do was just talk. Took three seconds and look ma, no hands.

srp said...

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

Forgot to say: Michele sent me.

Sandy said...

I have a list of things people ought not do while driving. Nearly worse than the phone - eating french fries. Drop a hot one on your leg and yeow! All over the road. ;)

I will admit to eating in the car while driving. I will admit to drinking (not the alcoholic kind of course) while driving. I admit to using my cell phone while driving. I will admit to singing and dancing my little self while driving. I will admit to arguging with my chilren in the back seat while driving.

Any one of those things can distract enough to cause trouble. I honestly think those that would deny anything on the list could be a problem is in denial. Seriously.