Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Come one, come all...

I always enjoy reading the daily headlines of two of my favorite online papers: BBC and CNN. Since I don't have time to read every article, I'll usually just pick a few to skim over, knowing full well I will hear the majority of these headlines again at 5:30. But! Every now and then a headline will catch my eye - and the thought goes through my head that I probably won't be hearing about THAT on the evening news.

This is one such article, and I thought it was worth a link.

The irony is in the final paragraph, which states that the US will remain in Iraq until the Iraqi Security Forces, i.e. Iraqi Police, can withstand the insurgency themselves. Funny how the rest of the article tells you how the insurgents are signing up and joining the force to work from the inside.

Scary, people. It just gets scarier...

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