Friday, August 26, 2005

Feminism Unraveled-Part I

How far have we really come, ladies? I'm talking to YOU, young, white, female America.

Now we are just as free as the men have always been to run amuck and do what we want, without thought or care of how our actions might actually affect us, much less those around us. Now we have our own "belts" with notches being collected on a weekly, drunken-binge basis. Too fuzzy are our memories the next morning to justify the feeling, "but, I didn't want to."

I'm extremely concerned about this generation of young women. They have images like Britney Spears to live up to: get drunk and marry your boyfriend from high school (hey! it's pretty easy to get an annulment, y'know), one year later marry the scariest thing to bring home to mom and dad, who btw, left his children and their mother to shack up with good'ole Britster, who is happily paying HIS salary to keep her happy (at least in public).

Breast implants before beer. woo-HOO!

Course, it's not just her. There are plenty of media-friendly slut bags walkin around displaying sad examples of (their lack of) self-respect: Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton (have you seen that Hardee's commercial? for the love of all things good, THAT commercial needs to G-O!), just to name a few.

Short story:
I was sitting in the bank the other day here in College Town, USA where there were several incoming freshman and their parents waiting to get a new account setup for their precious 18-year old. As I walked by this one particular girl, she was reading a brochure all slumped over the table in her "cute" little turquoise tank, which was literally exposing everything underneath it.

At least her bra was clean.

And! what nice tan boobies she had. No wonder she didn't mind showing them off! (uh-huh)

As I walked by her I looked over at her mother, who was going about her own business reading something else. I just wanted to SMACK her! "If you're going to let her walk out of the house this way, you could at least give her some guidance about how to sit appropriately when half-dressed.

Her mother will be wondering where she went wrong one of these days after her daughter has been attacked or raped.

Is it just me, or is there simply too much pressure (still?) on girls to be, act, and look like the "sexy" stars they see on Mtv? Anorexia is starting younger and younger, drugs the same story, drinking has begun even earlier, and don't even get me started on plastic surgery. We watch the "reality shows" that demonstrate just how wild and crazy woman have become, so I guess I'm supposed to believe that we are finally "equal".

Like they say, "Girls WILL be girls!" or will we all just end up like a bunch of over-sexed, self-loathing, disrespectful, dishonest, selfish female versions of our male counterparts?

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