Saturday, September 3, 2005

Katrina's Promise

For five days prior she warned of rage
The radar predicted a hurricane
Their levies and egos eventually broke
But not before the ocean arose

The rain and wind and waters came
Crashing across the gulf coast plain
It rose and didn’t stop for several days
The attic, the roof, there was no escape

Floating neighbors, drowning friends
Faces I’ve seen around the bend
Come get us, help us; hear our cry
My god, pleease, don’t let her die

Others have gathered in the dome
They said, someone would come
Twenty thousand hurt and ill
The waters rose ever still

Days passed in that dome of dark
No food, no aid, death left his mark
Men robbed and beaten in line to piss
Women, girls, raped and left

Looters and gunmen took on rescue boats
The smell of death was all afloat
Snipers took policemen down
Some lawmen turned in badges then left town

How did this happen, who was on watch?
Your government was on the clock
George was on a holiday
Congress got one week off for Labor Day

They reconvene to confirm it a catastrophe
Then pledge deficit dollars for aid relief
Meanwhile, hundreds, thousands have died
Katrina delivered her promised surprise


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