Monday, August 1, 2005

Weekend Summary

It's Monday, once again *sigh*, and it's going to be a busy week, BUT! I had a real nice weekend with the sweetie, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to reminisce.

Friday: came home to be lazy most of the night. Played some Tiger Woods X-Box golf, watched TV. Spent the majority of the night testing out my new scrapbook scissors (12 of 'em!) that have all kinds of neat lil designs. I have cut outs now of many funny t-shirts and pillow sayings marketed in the Harriet Carter catalog, as well as some nice pictures of men and women's shoes from the Famous sale paper. What will I ever use these cut outs for, you ask?! I've no idea, but I kept them just in case.

Saturday: Played some Tiger Woods w/ the honey (he kicked my ass!) and pretty much hung out around the house all day. (So dang HOT outside!) Honey asked if I'd like to go out and do something. Huh?! Sure!! We haven't been out in a LONG time! So, we went out for beers, just he and I. He taught me how to play some bumper pool, which turned out to be pretty fun. (again, he kicked my ass!...this is becoming a pattern ). We shared a pitcher of Michelob Light, which was the best (to me) of the half-dozen choices on tap. I know, I know - it's not really my beer of choice either, but between that and Guiness or some other dark, thick, bitter taste of nastiness, I chose Mich Light. We shared a pitcher, some laughs, and went home just before the ugly lights came on.

Once home, we...err...nevermind. :)

Sunday: Slept in a bit with the excuse of late night recovery. Honey went to get a paper and milk so we could make blueberry muffins for breakfast. Mmmmm. Pecked around on the computer. Honey got a toothache, so he napped most the afternoon. Made some sloppy joes for din-din, and fell asleep watchin' That 70's Show.*

*sidenote on That 70's Show: this show has been on for how long now, like 10 years? I've only watched it (and become addicted to it) in the past year. I'm a total TV-head! How could I have not watched this show all these years?! It's hilarious!

Anyway, had a nice weekend. Hope you all did too!

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