Friday, January 27, 2006

What can I say? Clutter loves me!

Well, I've been bouncing around blogs all week and completely ignoring this one (not that that's all I've done, but anyway...). I've had some people ask about how the organization project went, and sadly, I must report that after looking around my apartment last weekend, after having found at least a temporary home for much of the clutter, I am basically back to square one with some of it. I should've known that would happen.

But, to update:

The spice cabinet: looks great! I found a two-tiered spice-sized lazy susan that was just the right size for my cabinet above the stove. I already had one of the same size with only one tier, so I moved it over, filled the two-tiered one up, used the other one for larger bottles, vinegar, bouillon, etc. So, all items in the cabinet above the stove are happy on their little spinning shelf. No room for any new spices though, so we better be happy with what we've got!

My bedroom is slightly more organized with all my makeup, sprays, brushes, combs, lotions, etc. all stationed inside a small plastic tub with a lid.

The vitamins/medicine situation - well, it's "under control". We just have way too many vitamins. I guess I could take them! That'd probably help the population problem, at the very least!

The laundry sorter...A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I should have purchased one of these things long ago. Just the right size: full divider = 1 load. No more laundry tossed across the room only to land on the floor. It goes in the appropriate divider, and, so far, everyone is playing along. I couldn't be happier.

Bill sorter - not so awesome. I spent $18 on a piece o crap expandable divider thing that I probably could have made for about 4 Frosties.

Office supplies - I'm convinced the organization of our supplies and computer desk will require another room.

Hello to everyone bouncing over here from Michele's. I appreciate your comments, and enjoy reading your blogs as well.

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