Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Relationship Breakdown

Honey and I had a chance to talk a bit last night, which was good, since we barely spoke at all on Monday. I'm not sure we got very far last night, but at least the conversation maintained a respectable level, and we both listened as the other person shared their side and concerns.

This is the way of this relationship. The cycle is about to begin all over again.

Some points of note to our discussion:
-Sex is not an issue at this point. We are not getting along well enough to even approach sexual relations. This is a relief, to some degree, as I have little to no desire when we are on-the-rocks so much. Over the past 4 years, the rocks we've been over have nearly killed my want for him. In my opinion, the sex issue will relieve itself, if we can actually form a bond that's real.

-His level of anger or frustration, which seems to come at every turn, is more or a result of repetitive problems that never seem to get resolved. We can talk an issue to death. I can hear where he's coming from, but. For whatever reason, it happens again. An example of this is me not taking him seriously, when he is serious. Or approaching him in a light manner about a subject that is not funny or lighthearted.

There's more, but will have to finish later, as we are going to lunch.

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jennypenny said...

Aw you poor thing. Stick it out and keep talking and communicating. I KNOW how hard that is but if he is worth it then it is totally worth the effort. Good luck to you, I know first hand how hard relationships (I guess we all do) can be... sigh... Thank you so much for stopping by my place earlier and I hope you have a great night.