Thursday, April 6, 2006

The walls, they are a crumblin'

Well, first things first, I got over my manic state of Tuesday. My mom and I had a wonderful Italian lunch and did a little therapeutic shopping. Strangely enough, cuz I'm not a shopper, it helped. Course, it wasn't the shopping, it was spending time and talking with my mom: one of the sweetest people on earth. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she knows just when I need a hug, and when I'm too upset to talk about it. She's what I needed that day.

Oh yah, and the half-day off my boss gave me.

Next up, work drama. Now, I can't get into it too much, but I just have to say that some people's choices to put off/ignore people will only work for so long, until, for example, they take matters into their own hands and write a nasty letter about you and send it to people you work with, report to, and state legislators that can definitely make or break your reputation.

Just for clarity, I am not the subject of this letter.

However, things are bound to get interesting at the board meeting tomorrow. "Interesting" translating into nasty, heated, and most likely blame being hurled around to undeserving souls who were not responsible for this person totally ignoring another.

Should be a blast.

And, finally, I just want to comment on how reprehensible I find the head of Homeland Security preying on 14 year old girls on the Internet. I find it utterly amusing that he was caught red-handed, and hope with all my might that he gets a just punishment, as I'm sure there are more victims out there than we yet know about. It's also a very sad state of affairs, this director or department head, whatever he is, of an agency practically given full reign over privacy and security issues. I swear, it's impossible to trust in anything anymore.

And, on that note, I'm outa here for the weekend. Got a 6 hour drive ahead of me in the dreary, cloudy, soon-to-be rainy day.

The fun. It just never ends...

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