Wednesday, May 17, 2006

American Idol Showdown

So many people are talking about Elliot. Elliot this! Elliot that! Elliot is so great! Such a great singer!

I gotta tell ya, people. Elliot needs to go. (imho, of course)

I don't understand why people like him so. Can you tell me? Why?!!!

Personally, I find him rather lifeless. Often he is drowned out by his music. Paula creams every time he gets on stage, which really annoys the craps out of me. And, the songs he sings just, well, they bore me!

So, who WOULD I pick for the next American Idol? I think Kat is the best choice. I think she is the one person who has made the most of the advice she is given, be it by the judges or the professionals they interact with each week, every week. She makes songs her own, but at the same time doesn't ruin them - although I think I think I can fly was a bit out of her genre.

Unfortunately, I don't think she is going to be the winner. I would probably put my money on Taylor, because I think he has a good fan base. (Course, Elliot does too, so what do I know?!) I like his voice, I think he sings well, but I find him rather stiff and uncomfortable on stage. He's not very expressive when he sings, and I actually expect him to trip over himself at any moment when he jerks around in an attempt at dancing. I give him big points for effort, though.

Good luck to all three of them tonight. It's gonna be A HOT ONE TONIGHT!

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