Friday, July 7, 2006

MAN! That was a long drive!

Well, ok, so I haven't been driving non-stop since two Friday's ago, but I might as well have been! It's been a wild two weeks:

June 19 - a new girl started at work who I am to train. She's taking my place as Office Manager, and there are about eleventygazillion things to show her. Luckily she's had experience with about half of them. The rest is probably making her head spin...

Also that day, my computer had to be worked on for over three hours, and electricians came to start work on our new office space, since it's getting more and more difficult to cram 6 bodies into 2 (two!) offices.

I worked furiously to finish up some accounting, well, ok, like 5 months worth of accounting, so my replacement wouldn't have to do it. The rest of the week I trained at work, and cleaned at home in preparation for vacation visitors (see below).

The following Wednesday, the movers came to carry our half-packed offices up one floor. Oh my, how they moved our stuff in a hurry! We had most of it packed up, but were still packing whilst they moved it. It's freakin' unbelievable how much stuff can be crammed and stored into almost no space!

After moving crap up stairs all day, me and Honey took off to pick up his nieces and nephews for a long weekend at our house. To pick them up, mind you, is a 4.5 hour drive one way. And, there are 4 of them, ages 7, 7, 5, 5. We had a truckload, cuz my (new!) car just isn't quite big enough to cut it.

We left to bring them back to our house on Thursday evening, and kept them from Friday until Monday evening, at which point we drove them back home, dropped them off, and then drove back home to be able to rest on the 4th before returning to work on the 5th.

I simply cannot tell you how much fun we had with the kids. Despite me and Honey's hard times (and the small fact that neither of us has ANY kids), we sure were able to pull off a great, adventurous weekend with all of them.

There's so much to tell, I need more time. I will write more of a journal entry about our adventures with the kids soon, but for now I'll just say, they didn't want to leave, so...I guess we did a'ight.

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