Monday, November 13, 2006

Blindsided in Walmart

So Honey and I were in Wally World the other day, and much like every time we go into Wally World, our blood pressures became elevated, our patience quickly wore thin, and by the time we left, we were both ready to jack slap somebody across the face. Here's why...

I was heading to checkout line #7, Honey was right behind me. It was an awesome find: someone was just finishing up with their cart full of groceries. Coming from my left, just as I got to the edge of all the goodies waiting to tempt you before you actually put what's in your cart on the conveyor belt, was a woman pushing a cart, surrounded by her 4 children. She was in a rush. She did not look at me. She did not stop. She was on a mission to what I thought was the next checkout line, since I was obviously getting into this one. I paused to let her through - being the nice person that I am.

What actually happened next was enough to make me and Honey's jaws drop to the floor:

She whipped her cart around in front of ours and pulled right into checkout line #7!!

She did not stop. She did not look at us. She did not say excuse me, f**k you, or anything in between. She did not collect $200.

She DID, however, get our spot in the checkout line.

She also got a big effin' kick out of how ticked off we were about it, too. While I shot evil looks at her from the next aisle and called her names, Honey glanced over and confirmed what I was seeing. She was laughing!

Laughing, people! Exploding With Anger

All the way home, Honey and I took turns spitting out what we should've or could've said to her, or her man - who was oblivious to what she had just done, or her four children - who will most likely turn out to be as rude - or ruder - than she is.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Thats unbelievable. How can some one be so rude and then laugh about it. You just have to wonder about some people.