Wednesday, November 8, 2006

And this is what I choose to write about?

OK. So after like two months - almost three - I'm finally getting back to posting something on my blog. I've been meaning to post something for quite some time. Y'know updates on my pregnancy, how I've been feeling, all the many questions that run through my brain. But? There is no time! Work has been devilish of late; I cannot seem to get up out of bed to get to work early, therefore, I end up working late to make up time; and when I'd think of something to write about, it would not be an opportune time to sit at the computer and hammer it out. Therefore, I've had this "rant" up for months, and completely frightened people away from sharing their thoughts.

At any rate, I will be attempting to get back to it. Maybe my posts won't be long, or thought-provoking, or even coherent, but perhaps, at least, they will be current. Time will tell...

With that said, I must confess how strangely happy I am that Britney is divorcing Kevin Federline. Can I get an AMEN!? I mean, personally (like I know her!), I have not been a fan of Britney's since she married her high school chum in Vegas. She put the icing on the cake when she married Mr. Leave'er While She's Pregnant to Get My Bling On Federline. The example she is setting for young girls leaves me absolutely appalled...dismayed...PISSED OFF! Her behavior as a mother has further solidified my opinion of her - she's obviously nutty as a fruitcake, extremely selfish/self-absorbed, and so effing fake! She's been trying to make us believe her marriage was a rock for over a year.


At any rate, despite her unpopularity with me, I am overjoyed to see her make at least one half-damned decent decision and drop his shady ass like a hot potato. Perhaps this will be the first in a string of decisions that actually make sense for a young woman with two children. Everyone knows it is SO about time!

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