Friday, August 25, 2006

Wake Up, White America!! - glitter text

White Conciousness

I have been inspired to retire
thoughts of hate that we don't debate
enough, if at all, it isn't tough,
conscious thought of who I am
where I am from, I am not dumb
or ignorant of others
but there is much to learn
so much to discern from others,
our brothers and sisters
we forced to be part of this country
my forefathers taught hate,
the fathers of today serve the
same on a plate,
and I will not stand by and be silenced,
all the while witnessing the violence
we perpetrate by it. Quiet,
there is much to learn and many to learn from
open my eyes and my ears
to the cries and the tears,
and teach it to all who are dumb.

© intuitivewoman - All rights reserved. May not be copied or reprinted without express written consent by author.

White Americans need to stop being so selfish. You (We) do not own this country, or anyone in it. This is not "our" country, we STOLE IT. We did not build it up, we WHIPPED AND BEAT AND DEHUMANIZED OTHERS UNTIL THEY BUILT IT FOR US. And still today, after 400, 500 years, we are still beating down anyone who is not like us. On the surface it does not look like it, but to the victims of white oppression, I would be willing to bet my life that it feels no different.

I hope White Americans took the time to watch the ABC News report last night entitled "Out of Control: AIDS in Black America." The sad truth is, most probably did not, and if they did, blew it off as 'not their problem'. This is the sad reality of this nation. White Americans are so afraid of anyone and anything non-White, they choose to ignore any issue they deem unrelated to them. It's "not their fight". To that I say: bullshit!

Fifteen to twenty years ago, AIDS was a major crisis in this country, affecting predominantly gay, white males. As reported, because so many of them tend to hold affluent positions in corporate and political America - despite the stigma of their orientation, they were able to take a stance, join together, and rally for the need for attention to this horrible disease. Now that new AIDS cases is declining in gay communities, and hitting hardest in Black communities, there is no attention to this problem. The entire continent of Africa is infected with this disease, and yet our government is not interested in spending money to help them either, much less those in our own country.

AIDS has now become a disease associated with needles and drug use. And, who wants to help drug users?

Not the white boys, that's for sure. Even though they are the ones importing them in here and putting them on the streets.

The latest statistics reported on this program is that out of all the new AIDS cases occuring each year, 68% of them are Black women.

So, I ask you, if 68% of all new AIDS/HIV cases where White women, would there not be an outcry, a national uprising to slow or even stop that number dead in its tracks?!


It's no secret, there is a disproportionate number of Black men locked up in federal, state, and local prisons in this country, and over half of inmates admitted to having sex with other men while in prison and plan to resume having sex with women when they get out. Yet condoms are not allowed inside the prison walls.

Could we be perpetuating this disease in the Black community any more than that?!

I'm not saying that members of the Black community are not responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Nor am I saying that they should not be fighting just as hard for their voice to be heard by the powers-that-be in this country to help alleviate this disease's infiltration of their lives and culture. Nor am I saying that they should not open their minds, eyes, ears and hearts to the true realities of what is actually going on within their communities (men on the down-low, sleeping with multiple partners at the same time, knowing they have the disease and not telling their partners, etc.).

What I am saying is that they cannot and SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FIGHT ALONE...

particularly when no one is listening.

This country is becoming more and more separatist. We do nothing to help our neighbors. We would rather look at the walls as we walk by someone different than ourselves, than to smile and say hello to someone different. What is next people? White Only signs above the bathroom door?

PLEASE! For God's sake, just think about it...


chris said...

if you don't feel like this is your country - and the "white man" stole it - why live here? If i crashed a party and everyone there blamed me for all their problems I'd leave.

chris said...

about aids in the black community - you cannot blame it on the "slave master" (yes, this was said in the show) and expect white america to empathize with you.

Michael Manning said...

This is obviously subject that is very complex. I can only tell you that having been born in Ohio, and after reading fellow-Actress and Buckeye Patricia "Heaton's Biography about Cleveland not being integrated, well, my city is. You do make a point about tragedy happening to "others"--that is a mentality that has always been with us. Until it hits one of our family members or friends. Certain treaties with Native Americans were clearly abrogated. But we are a melting pot. And I focus on people of Goodwill whowant to come together and bring real solutions to the table regardless of religion, race, gender, ethnicity --all of that. Appreciate your opinion and opportunity to add something here. That's what dialogue is about.