Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Test of Heart

Got a call at 9pm last night that my father was being admitted via the ER for chest pain and that he may have suffered another mild heart attack.

His first heart attack? 1981. He was 33.
Angioplasty in 1982.
Heart attack, and double bypass for 3 blockages in 1995.
Single bypass and stint inserted in 2005 due to one of the 1995 bypass arteries blocked.
2003, diagnosed with congestive heart failure.
2005, pacemaker inserted.
2008, hospitalized for fluid build up on lungs...congestive heart failure rearing its ugly head.

So when I got the call last night, I kind of freaked. His heart is operating at about 18% right now, and there's not much left to damage. He knows this, and thankfully, goes to the hospital relatively quickly if any pain or shortness of breath will not subside.

He got there fast enough last nite, that they were able to stabilize him quickly enough that he did not have a full blown attack. However, the blockage was evident in the angiogram.

Today, stint inserted into other 1995 bypass artery that had become blocked.

Congestive heart failure is a scary thing. He's only 61. His father and brother also suffered and passed from CHF at 62 and 60 respectively. The clock is ticking, and I continue to pray his heart till keep ticking as well, as long as it possibly can.

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