Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yep! That's my Honey!

Twenty-nine years ago today a child was born in the city of East St. Louis that would later grow up to be my Honey. He was a good child (I presume). The oldest child. The responsible child. The child that would parent his 5 younger siblings the majority of their adolescent lives. He is smart, intuitive, and a very consciencious person.


He was supposed to pick me up 25 minutes ago from work, but instead was asleep on the couch.


PS: I'm not mad at you for falling asleep. Today, anyway. ;-)


Laura said...

a happy belated birthday to your honey! I suggest that this one owes you something big come Mother's day....I'm thinking jewelry, yes, jewelry.LOL

Joe said...

Happy Birthday.

Thanks for the chuckle by the way! :)

Here via Michele.

Viamarie said...

Happy Birthday to your beloved hubby!

Cheers from Michele.

Mo said...

Happy birthday to your honey! He deserves to get saome slack on his birthday - just make sure it doesn't happen again! :)

And Michelle sent me...

Pearl said...

Hello Michele sent me.
Happy belated BD to your hubby. Bet it was a good needed nap.