Friday, February 3, 2006

The kind that shoots the mirror

Took a ride via transit service across campus to pick something up. The driver was student, a junior in film/tv with a minor in marketing. Nice, albeit very chatty, guy.

But! I had SUCH a hard time talking to him, because?

I was terrified that the white, juicy pimple staring at me from the side of his upper lip was going to squirt all over my face if I dared look his way.

Dude! Pop it already! Don't you see it? Can't you feel it? *shudder*


Marisa said...

EWW! Gross! I can practically see it myself.

Michele sent me today. Have a great weekend.

El Lunchtruck said...

Gah!! Don't ever watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle - there's a similar scene in that film.

Jeeze, I just confessed to watching that movie...crap, I've been exposed.

Michele sent me!

MJ said...

oy... hopefully he wasn't a close-talker..... *shiver*

Electric Short said...

I hate it when I come home at night or after work a a big one sneaks up on you bam! white cap on your face!!

Amanda said...

That was hilarious! Really gross, but hilarious!

Michele sent me over.

WendyWings said...

I hate it when you can't stop yourself from staring at it either.
Michele sent me today

netchick said...

Yack. That's absolutely disgusting. I laughed out loud, though. :)

Thanks for the smile today! [grin]