Sunday, February 5, 2006

My Superbowl XL Recap

Congrats to the Steelers and Steeler Fans!!

Overall, Superbowl XL wasn't exactly super-exciting. The Steelers, IMHO, had some lucky moments with that first touchdown barely kissing the plane of the end zone, and a couple of questionable calls by the refs. But! The mantra of the evening was the only thing that matters is the score on the board, and the Steelers had it all the way.

Now on to more interesting things: the commercials. The Budweiser spot with the Clydesdale pony "pulling" the cart, brought tears to the eyes of 4 out of 6 people in our party. Yes, we're saps, obviously, but it was sooo sweet! *sigh* Second, was the Dove commercial for the "real beauty" campaign. And in third, by popular vote, was the Burger King commercial with all the ladies dressed up like components of a Whopper, including the burger itself and the bun. Like blockers on a running back, the vegetable-clad women piled atop one another to form the Whopper Princess.


My mind filled with the perverse and chauvenistic subliminal messages that this commercial potentially displayed. For instance: Ooooooh...girls on tops of girls, BOO-YAH! Or, those women dressed as burger parts implying, "eat me." Or, how it's probably every guys wet dream to combine multiple girls and a hot sandwich. Well, maybe that's just George Constanza with postrami, but you get the idea...didn't really care for the commercial. Personally.

An honorable mention goes to the Ameriquest spots, but oddly enough, at the moment, I only remember the fact that they were the advertiser, not the actual commercials. I do remember thinking they were pretty funny though.

So, what was your favorite commercial?

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Mrs. Darling said...

I only watched about five minutes of the superbowl. I'm not into sports at all but this time I felt a vague interest since the Seahawks were playing...beings they're from the west coast and my neighbors and all!